How to take care of wooden flooring

How to take care of wooden flooring (Getty Images)
How to take care of wooden flooring (Getty Images)
Floors help to anchor the look of a home. Of the multitude of options available to homeowners, wooden floor’s offer timeless elegance like no other. The richness of grain and the healthy sheen of a wooden floor are not the only attributes that appeal to most people; the strength, durability, resilience and the exclusivity it offers are equally tempting. A wooden floor can make a room look bigger and lighter and adds value to your house. They also blend well with any kind of decor. The timeless beauty of wood helps in recapturing minds of the people. Easy to clean, hygienic and dust free, wooden floorboards also offer high impact resistance and better acoustics. Timber flooring does not trap dust, pollen and other allergens. With all the joy’s and excitement of the festive season, the last thing you would be worried about is the potential damage to your wooden floors, that would be endured with the increase of activity and people scampering on it. Festive season would mean increase of traffic in your home, which would lead your wooden flooring to more scratches, abrasions and possibility of wear and tear.

To ensure that your wooden flooring doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the festive season here are some of tips to maintain and protect your hardwood flooring during the festive season to make it look fantastic:

-Vacuum the floor to remove dirt and debris. Don’t wear slippers when you clean the wooden flooring, as the dirt underneath your slipper may leave permanent scratches on your floor.

-Use carpets and door mats or rugs wherever required to keep the wooden flooring clean

-Use rugs or mats which are specialized for hardwood floors. Normal rugs and mats can

-Never use water to clean wooden flooring. Water spoils the wood and damages it.

-Sticky stains can be removed with a wet sponge or a damp towel or cloth piece. It is best

-Never use oily soap solution or ammonia cleaners to clean the hardwood floor.

-For wiping out the spills from the floor, use a damp cloth.

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