7 Clever Ways to Corral Your Cords and Wires

Not only are loose cords and wires super unattractive, it’s actually dangerous to leave them lying in a jumble on your floor or desk. According to Hometalker and safety expert Elli Bishop, of SafeWise.com, having loose wires in your home creates a risk of electrical fires, not to mention wires and cords on the floor are a tripping hazard. Avoid that potentially painful (and awkward) situation, and clear that unsightly mess, with these 7 DIY cord organizers!

1. Reuse empty TP rolls

Project via Hometalker Laura @Bright, Bold, & Beautiful

The easiest way to corral unneeded lengths of cord, or to store a cord that’s not currently in use, is to coil it up and keep it in an empty toilet paper tube. To add a drop of style, cover the tube in paint or decorate with washi tape.

2.Try painters tape (with a twist)

Project via Hometalker Jae @Design OCD

Use your furniture to hide stray cords, by taping your cords to the backs and legs of tables, dressers, or desks. Keep the tape from standing out by spray painting it the color of your furniture before using it.

3. Corral small cords with a clothespin

Project via Kim @This Is Knockout

Have you ever had that annoying experience where you reach into your bag or pocket and instantly tangle your fingers in your headphone cord or charging cable? Turns out, the solution is sitting in your laundry room!

4. Create your own cord wrap-up

Project via Hometalker Sharlotte @Sharlotte’s Reflections

Turn a scrap of fabric and a button into an easy cord organizer, perfect for corralling extra lengths of cord under your desk, behind your TV, or wherever your cords are causing chaos.

5. DIY a counter top charging station

Project via Hometalker Christina @The DIY Mommy

One of the most dangerous areas for loose cords, wires, and electronics, is on or around your countertops, where they can accidentally come into contact with water. Build this safe cord storage stand, so you can stay safe and hands free while following that recipe on your tablet.

6. Hide your cords in furniture

Project via Hometalker Nancy @Artsy Chicks Rule

Want to make your cord clutter disappear without giving up your Internet? Hide your cords and wires in a piece of furniture, by leaving the back of the piece open and placing it against the outlet on the wall.

7. Build a shelf for power strip storage

Project via Hometalker Isabelle @Engineer Your Space

Instead of leaving a power strip full of chargers or cords on the floor or desktop, build a wall mounted shelf, to conceal the strip and all of your attached cords.

Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hometalk/7-clever-ways-to-corral-y_b_6669132.html

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