DPC buys two Texas flooring products providers

Dunes Point Capital has acquired two Texas-based flooring products providers: Floors Inc and Malibu Acceptance Corp. No financial terms were disclosed. DPC will use these acquisitions to form a flooring platform. Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group served as financial adviser to DPC while MAB Corporate Advisors did likewise for Floors and Malibu.


RYE, N.Y., Dec. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Dunes Point Capital, LLC (“DPC”) has acquired the assets of Floors, Inc. (“Floors”) and Malibu Acceptance Corporation (“Malibu”), which will be combined to create a diversified flooring platform.

Located in Southlake, TX, Floors is a full service designer, installer and retailer of flooring products to home builders and homeowners throughout Texas. Floors was founded in 1983 and operates six retail centers, four design centers and four builder operation centers throughout Texas. For more information, please visit http://www.floorsinc.com.

Located in Richardson, TX, Malibu is a full service designer and installer of flooring products to multifamily builders throughout the country. Founded in 1995, Malibu operates in 13 states.

DPC Investment Partners, LLC provided the equity for the transaction. The debt for the transaction was provided by Cerberus Business Finance, LLC.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP served as legal advisor to DPC, and Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group served as financial advisor to DPC. MAB Corporate Advisors served as financial advisor to Floors and Malibu.

About DPC: Founded in 2013, DPC is a family office and private investment firm, pursuing control investments in companies operating in the general industrial sector. DPC targets companies with enterprise values of up to $500 million. For more information, please visit http://www.dunespointcapital.com.

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Checking the Levels on Shares of Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

Investors may be trying to do their homework on shares of Armstrong Flooring, Inc. (NYSE:AFI). Investors looking for value may be focusing on the Piotroski F-Score. Armstrong Flooring, Inc. has a current Piotroski F-Score of 5. The mission of the F-Score is to help spot companies with strengthening balance sheets, and to weed out poor performers. The Piotroski F-Score is named after its developer Joseph Piotroski. The F-Score uses nine different variables based on a company’s financial statement. One point is provided to each test that a stock passes. Typically, a stock scoring an 8 or 9 would be seen as strong while a stock with a score from 0-2 would be viewed as weak.

Every investor strives to conquer the markets. Many investors may have to work through different trading strategies to find one that works for them. Some individuals may be looking to monitor stock price momentum by looking at different historical data. Armstrong Flooring, Inc. (NYSE:AFI) currently has a 6 month price index of 1.23593. The six month price index is simply measured by dividing the current share price by the share price six months ago. A ratio above one indicates an increase in share price over the six month period. A ratio below one indicates that the price has decreased over that specific period.

Taking a look at some volatility information, Armstrong Flooring, Inc.’s 12 month volatility is presently 0.000000. The 6 month volatility is 32.030700, and the 3 month is spotted at 33.230800. Checking on historical volatility can help gauge how much the stock price has fluctuated over the given period of time. Although past volatility action may help predict the future volatility of a stock, it may also be greatly different when taking into account other factors that may be driving price action during the period of time.

Investors may be looking to track FCF or Free Cash Flow scores for Armstrong Flooring, Inc. (NYSE:AFI). Free cash flow represents the amount of cash that a company has generated for shareholders after paying off expenses and investing in growth. FCF may be a very useful way to help measure the financial health of a specific company. At the time of writing, Armstrong Flooring, Inc. NYSE:AFI has an FCF quality score of . The free quality score helps estimate the stability of free cash flow. FCF quality is calculated as the 12 ltm cash flow per share over the average of the cash flow numbers. Looking at this score, it is generally considered that the lower the ratio, the better. Currently, Armstrong Flooring, Inc. NYSE:AFI has an FCF score of . The FCF score is determined by merging free cash flow stability with free cash flow growth. In general, a higher FCF score value would represent high free cash flow growth.

Diving in a bit further, we can take a quick look at the Q.i. (Liquidity) Value. Armstrong Flooring, Inc. has a present Q.i. value of 42.00000. This value ranks stocks using EBITDA yield, FCF yield, earnings yield and liquidity ratios. The Q.i. value may help spot companies that are undervalued. A larger value would represent low turnover and a higher chance of shares being mispriced. A lower value may indicate larger traded value meaning more sell-side analysts may cover the company leading to a smaller chance shares are priced improperly.

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Epoxy: The hidden gem of basement flooring options


It seems like every Spring, the heavy rains cause havok in basements throughout Northeast Johnson County. The rain causes flash floods and our high moisture table leaks into basements which usually ruins or damages the existing carpeting, tile, or laminate. The cylcle repeats itself for most homeowners as they replace the wet carpet with more carpet and never find a permanent solution for foundations leaking onto their basement flooring.

Bathroom_GreyMost homeowners do not realize that there is a cost-effective, permanent, and cosmetically beautiful solution that will provide years of durable use without the bother of maintainance every time a big rain occurs. Additionally-there are people that avoid their basement due to it’s dingy & drab appearance regardless of having wetness. This solution to both scenarios is a professionally installed Epoxy Flooring System.

Prairie Village-based, Granite Garage Floors changes their focus during the winter months on installing the same, durable epoxy flooring systems in area basements that they also install all-year long on Garages. The company “Upgrades” concrete floors throughout the KC metro as a durable, easy-to-clean, and beautiful alternative to bare concrete, tile, or carpeting. Greg Slicker, the owner of Granite Garage Floors also touts the functionality of his floors in area basements. “Like many folks who live in Old Leawood, PV, and the older parts of town -we live in an older home that has a stone foundation and grew tired of contemplating the replacement of our carpet each Spring”. Slicker goes on to say “Not only the wet carpet, but also the floor stains from our kids, dogs, and spills were really making our entire basement look worse and worse”.

The solution that the Granite Garage Floors provides for homeowner’s basements is one that allows you to do almost anything to the surface with minimal damage. “Outside of battery acid, there is really nothing that can damage one of our basement epoxy flooring systems”, says Slicker. Throughout the rigors of normal life events, a basement will see a lot of abuse from foundation water leaks to wine/beer spills from parties to kids art projects (paint) to even pet urine. Epoxy is a durable alternative to bare concrete, carpet, or even tile that will become stained and damaged by these more rigorous elements.

Another key attribute of epoxy is the low cost as an alternative to tile or carpet as the square footage cost is generally 30-40% less than carpet and 50-70% less than tile. Rounding out the benefits of epoxy are the cosmetic options available. Many people envision epoxy as only a garage application, but the addition of an inexpensive throw rug transforms a basement into a cozy location where kids can play and lounge as they would on carpet. Metallic epoxy has also become increasingly popular throughout the past few years for Granite Garage Floors. “The unique appearance of our Metallic system provides a gorgeous, translucent appearance that looks different from every angle of the floor”, says Slicker.

Not often top of mind when homeowners are considering options to enhance their basement’s appearance or limit damage from wear-and-tear, Epoxy Flooring Systems are becoming more and more popular with discerning homeowners. Once only a solution for more industrial applications, Epoxy is now a hidden gem becoming more and more popular for homeowners to limit the perpetual maintenance of other materials and increase the long-term value of their homes.

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2016 Flooring Design Award Winners Named

From a critically acclaimed, environmentally conscious airport project to the renovation of a national treasure that plays host to astronauts and space-flight enthusiasts, the winners of the 18th Annual Starnet Design Awards had judges and competitors seeing stars.

Starnet® Worldwide’s annual flooring design competition recognizes creativity, professionalism, quality and versatility, and this year’s winners encapsulated the power of innovative and bold flooring installation in commercial interior design. The winners were announced on April 15, 2016 in Miami, FL during Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership’s Annual Meeting, April 14-16.

“Once again, we are awestruck and proud of the work done by Starnet Members throughout the country,” said Jeanne Matson, President and CEO of Starnet. “The Design Awards allow us to come together and recognize this talent and creativity. This year’s winners demonstrate to the entire industry that outstanding flooring design and craftsmanship can achieve amazing results in the commercial market.”

Gold, silver and bronze prizes were awarded in six judged categories: Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Hospitality/Public Space, Environmental Achievement and Unique Installation Challenge. Votes from Starnet Members, Vendor Partners and members of the trade press selected the winners of the third annual People’s Choice Awards.

flooring designGrand Prize Winner/Gold in Corporate

The most prestigious award, the 2016 Grand Prize, was presented to Resource Colorado of Denver, CO for its work at IMM TI. The installation at the Boulder, CO-based digital agency also captured the Gold in Corporate.

“The entire team is honored to win both Gold in Corporate and the Grand Prize at the 2016 Starnet Design Awards,” said John Stanfield, Owner of Resource Colorado. “This project allowed us to flex our design and installation muscles and create a space that supported IMM’s staff and exuded their branding. The finished product represents our original mission for the building: revitalization, productivity and identity,” he added.

IMM TI is a brand driven by data, digital technology, and culture. The full-service agency needed a space that reflected its personality as a forward-thinking, modern, and youthful company but also provided a zen-like balance through the integration of greenery and blend of interior and exterior design elements. This project was selected as a winner because of the balanced combination of materials that resulted from this vision, along a well-edited approach.

“The project is a great accomplishment, with woven elements and a unified final design,” said Design Awards Judge Scott MacMeekin.

“The spaces are well integrated and the interior design elements look like architectural exterior components,” added Judge Megan Walker. “Planters integrated into the floor, an interesting interior/exterior connection, and a balanced selection in flooring products all came together well. It could easily have gone over the top, but it didn’t.”

The overall aesthetic was an industrial, neutral palette to which the flooring team added pops of color in the carpet, the greenery, and specific paint locations in order to align with the client’s professional but playful persona. A variety of collaborative and individual workspaces were integrated into the plan to support a range of staff work styles. Built-in “nooks,” standing height touchdown spaces and informal “living room” style meeting areas were all key factors in designing for company productivity, flexibility, and staff satisfaction.

flooring designGold in Environmental Achievement

The Gold in Environmental Achievement was awarded to Rubenstein’s Contract Carpets LLC for its work on the Portland International Airport (PDX) Terminal Recarpeting. The project, which gained national attention through coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian, New York Times, and on NBC Nightly News, was done over 10 months in a fully operational airport. It saw the complete removal, reclamation, and replacement of 14 acres of carpeting, in an airport that was known for its iconic carpet pattern.

The environmental story at the Portland Airport goes beyond recycled content, sustainability, and LEED points. This project was all about the direct reuse of 14 acres of used carpet, without additional processing and direct recycling into carpet pad. Rubenstein’s Contract Carpets LLC was able to re-purpose and upcycle many of the products into entry mats, area rugs, wall art, Christmas ornaments, community center carpet, flooring for a renovated a 100-year-old building, baseball practice hitting facility, etc.

In the end, they were able to salvage or repurpose:

  • 10,080 square yards (25.2 tons or 2.08 acres) of iconic PDX carpet
  • 10,930 square yards (38.12 tons or 2.26 acres) of “other carpet from project”

In addition, the company recycled the balance of the material into a variety of materials, and all scraps of the new carpet (in excess of two feet) were saved and have been given to a vendor to make entry mats and area rugs for resale.

Continus reading here: http://facilityexecutive.com/2016/04/2016-flooring-design-award-winners-named/

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Five ways to make your home radiate warmth underfoot

Hot stuff: a bedroom with underfloor heating
Hot stuff: a bedroom with underfloor heating

1. An electric underfloor heating system (also known as a dry system) radiates heat through a series of wires in the floor.

It’s either a mat, which is best for large spaces because it can be rolled out to cover an entire floor, or a cable/loose-fit system (individual wires). This is a flexible solution for smaller and awkwardly shaped rooms, such as bathrooms, where there’s no need to heat the floor under the basin and bath.

Heating mats should be laid on a finished subfloor, such as plywood, and encased in a flexible levelling compound or flexible tile adhesive, while cable/loose-fit systems should be encased in the finishing screed of a concrete floor.

2. One of the benefits of underfloor heating is that there’s more free wall space than with radiators.

Another benefit is that the room is heated more evenly – with radiators, you get cold spots. Radiant heat (produced by underfloor heating) is the most efficient form of heat distribution, and airborne dust is greatly reduced, which is good for allergy sufferers.

Underfloor heating works at a lower temperature to radiators, so a well-insulated home is vital to prevent heat loss.

3. Electric underfloor systems can work with most types of floor covering (check when you buy if in doubt), from carpet, vinyl and wood, to ceramic tiles and natural stone, but it’s important to get the right wattage.

A 100W mat can be used to take the chill off cold floor tiles, while a 150W mat can be used as a primary heating source, providing adequate insulation is in place.

For areas of high heat loss, such as conservatories, a 200W mat is needed. You can adjust the temperature easily from a thermostat (a smart thermostat can be controlled by an app) and independently of your home’s central heating system – electric underfloor heating is ideal for warming a cold bathroom floor when the central heating’s off.

4. A poorly insulated home loses lots of heat, reducing the effectiveness of any underfloor heating system.

If the floor isn’t insulated sufficiently, for example, the underfloor heating will heat the earth below, as well as the room above, which no one wants.

Whether you’re fitting an electric or wet underfloor system, ensure you insulate under the heating elements sufficiently, and insulate elsewhere in the home as much as possible to get maximum benefit.

5. If you’re a competent and experienced DIYer, you could fit electric underfloor heating yourself, as long as a qualified electrician connects the system to the mains supply and thermostat.

Find out more about underfloor heating at http://www.theunder floorheatingstore.com.

How-to tip

Fillers, even ones designed for deep gaps, usually need to be built up in layers to get a good finish.

Wood filler tends to dry quickly, but may not be as hard as it seems if the repair’s deep – sanding it is the acid test.

Similarly, wall filler (even the quick-drying type) may take much longer than the recommended time to harden fully, especially if you’ve had to build it up – so allow plenty of time before sanding or the filler may sag.

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Revamp living room decor on any budget

living room decor

(Photo by Kristin Sjaarda)

Want a shockingly inexpensive way to update your home and earn a 66% return on the investment? Swap out dated living room decor. New light switches, outlet covers, floor registers, drapes and accessories—at an average cost of less than $1,500, according to HGTV—really helps in a remodel. Remember: Details add dollars when it comes to upgrades.


Nothing says dated more than a home without hardwood. But is it worth it to upgrade your floors? According to data collected by USA Today, 54% of home buyers would pay more for a home if it had hardwood. It’s easy to clean and maintain, adds warmth to any room and can be refinished multiple times, which increases the overall life and value of the flooring. But not all hardwood is created equal. High-end planks offer hand-scraped or rare-wood species, but this can really push your budget up. Consider, instead, more common selections, such as red oak. Unfinished starts at $1.40/sq. ft. at lumber or flooring stores, while finished starts at $3.20/sq. ft. and goes up (add another $2 to $5/sq. ft. for installation).

To maximize the value of your new floor stay away from engineered hardwood. This product has been marketed as an easy DIY alternative, but because they are constructed from thin, glued-together layers of wood products, topped with a veneer of real wood, your newly installed engineered hardwood floor may not stand up to sanding and re-staining, which shortens the lifespan—and value—of the floor. Instead, those on a tight budget should consider repainting or refinishing old hardwood. Opt for a rich brown shade or a trendy gray stain for a more updated look or paint over really old hardwood with enamel paint.

Pro tip: Unfinished hardwood is cheaper and allows you to pick a stain that matches other facets in the house—just make sure the labour costs include this part of the job. Also, plan to stay out of the home for a few days to allow the stain to off-gas

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Making the perfect flooring decision for your home

Selecting the perfect floor for your home can be difficult, given the increasing number of options in the market today. With choices ranging from real wood and carpet to ceramic and vinyl, making an informed decision on a suitable floor covering is often complicated and confusing for the homeowner.

Design experts from Karndean Designflooring explain the benefits and drawbacks of different surfaces in this article.

Real timber

Real wood floors are strikingly beautiful when freshly laid; however, they can quickly lose their appeal if regular maintenance is not done. Karndean Designflooring recommends Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) as an excellent alternative; with their realistic textured wood and stone designs, they don’t need sanding or refinishing, requiring just a quick ‘refresh’ every 6-12 months.

There are beautiful timber varieties that aren’t suitable for flooring applications as they are soft woods, and therefore easily damaged. Karndean’s flooring comes with all the visual appeal of these coveted soft woods without their practical limitations.


Though laminate flooring is cost-effective and easily accessible in DIY stores around the country, it is highly susceptible to damage. For instance, the lack of waterproof resistance in laminate flooring can result in warping and splitting. Floors from Karndean Designflooring are completely waterproof, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


Carpets may evoke a comfortable vibe but are storehouses of dirt and allergens that are practically impossible to banish. Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer a much more hygienic flooring solution while still providing more warmth than laminate, real wood and stone options.

Karndean LooseLay Longboard collection

The brand new Karndean LooseLay Longboard collection is easy to maintain, durable, waterproof and hygienic, with a huge range of designs to suit all styles. Key benefits also include quick and easy installation with the stylish, extra-large 1.5m long planks minimising the hassle; significant reduction in noise transfer to the rooms below, making them perfect for bedrooms and apartments; easy replacement of planks; and convenient access to underfloor services as the planks can be easily lifted.

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